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    Hi, I have written an application that acts as a proxy POP to OWA server that runs on the iPhone. That means you can get mails directly from Exchange into Mail without having to go though some other 3rd party. At the moment its still in its early stages and you can check it out here. At the moment its written in python because it was the easiest for me to write it in. Does anyone have a link for a tutorial on ObjC on the iPhone and how to go from knowing nothing to actually building an application for the iPhone. Ideally i would like to rewrite in ObjC. Make it easily installable with or iBrickr and have a GUI configuration screen. Any help much appreciated.
    2007-10-19 07:11 PM
  2. Donald.Brown01's Avatar
    Is there anything more on this? Have you come up with a GUI for this yet?
    2007-11-29 02:18 AM