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    I know I am asking for it posting this info because there servers are going to collapse under the weight of all the new subscribers, but has a working Desktop / Outlook Exchange Redirector Program.

    This is a god-send for people behind corporate firewalls that do not allow IMAP connectivity (one of the biggest complaints regarding the Iphone as a business device / blackberry replacement). Their software runs locally on your office workstations and works in tandem with Outlook Exchange server to forward your Exchange Email to Emoze's POP3 Servers which can then be accessed on your Iphone VIA Pop3.

    I have tested their software and YES, it works; however, there is one small limitation. It successfully Syncs from your Iphone to Outlook, meaning if you delete an email off your iphone, it will delete from your Outlook Inbox off the Exchange Server; however if you delete an email from you Outlook Inbox, you have to manually remove it from your Inbox on your Iphone assuming it has already downloaded that email. REGARDLESS, this is a huge step towards exchange server integration that works without compromising security on Exchange Servers through IMAP and without OWA, since most IT departments refuse to allow IMAP support. I have successfully tested this using Outlook 2003 and Emoze 1.4 Push Email Client.

    Here is a link for download:
    2007-10-23 08:04 PM