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    I know all you developers are busy and if i had the know how i would gladly work on this myself.

    As I'm sure many people do, my iPhone charges on my night stand next to my bed. I use it as my alarm clock. I also have a phone stand that holds it horizontal all night as well as slanted towards me. This makes it very visible if the phone were actually displaying anything. I was thinking of an app, that would allow the time to be displayed at all times without dimming and going into sleep mode. I know the straightforward concept seems simple enough but i was thinking of having a few options. Much like the current alarm that comes with the phone. I just feel that there is a real practical use for this.

    -Font Color
    -Simple clock options (include am/pm or not)
    -Alarm Tone - Possibly select a ringtone as alarm tones. (More complex, play a song from ipod portion, or even a video)
    -Follows the Accelerometer
    -Alarm on will sound if the "Clock" program is running
    -Snooze (Intervals setible) -snooze could work in a number of ways, possibly just moving the phone, or taping the screen. Double tap exits the program)

    Possible example

    Just picture that while your falling asleep, you look over while it's charging to see the time.

    I have other little thoughts about it if any one is actually interested. I would also be very interested in working along with someone as well if possible. Just for fun.
    2008-04-16 10:05 AM