1. Mashi_biao's Avatar
    I need chinese language input/keyboard on my iphone 1.1.2!

    N1 can help?

    Thanks so much!!!
    2008-04-17 08:45 AM
  2. Taniban's Avatar
    Yes I can... there is a program out called NativeCN. It's great to right chinese from pinyin. Hope that helps... if you are interested, just search around for it and you will be able to add the source in installer and download the program.
    2008-04-17 02:14 PM
  3. kraziebone's Avatar
    add *1.1.4* or *1.1.3*international support from BiOsS's Mods (installer source: http://repo.aakqtr.com) and there is chinese input/keyboard selection
    2008-05-06 10:20 AM
  4. squaresoft's Avatar
    iCosta is relatively straight forward to use...

    Go to installer, source, add http://iPhone.freecoder.org/rep/ (don't forget the forward slash at the end)

    This will add a list of iCosta apps... Choose supported version, install and restart iphone (off and on)...

    Go to SMS or Notes, bring the keyboard out and u will notice there is a small earth like figure, touch it... and from there things are straight forward.....

    Hope that helps
    2008-05-07 01:31 AM