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  1. PhoneGangster's Avatar
    I need an app to interact with my site (very similar to SpoofApp)

    Where they fill out some fields on an iphone/itouch program and it submits the data to my site.

    Will pay $400 but need it within a few days or asap

    Reply here with your contact info or Instant message me on AOL/AIM screen name: PhoneGangster

    (If it shows away, just leave a message and Ill reply it asap)
    2008-04-17 07:44 PM
  2. PhoneGangster's Avatar
    Still looking for someone,

    drop your info here or send me a message on how to reach you!
    2008-04-20 06:57 PM
  3. x999x's Avatar
    Have you considered just using a Webclip that launches your form page instead? You can package that up and distribute it pretty easily. I believe they're in ~/Library/WebClips
    2008-04-21 05:51 AM