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    Want more than 300 MB of applications, the solution how about 7.2 Gig of Apps.

    The principle is to use the Open Media partition size (which contains Pictures, Videos, MP3 ..) deceiving the iPhone with a symbolic link.

    1) Log in SSH on your iPhone

    2) Move your applications to the directory / private / var

    Zip r / Applications / private / var / Applications

    Rm-fr / Applications

    3) Return to the root of your iPhone

    Cd /

    4) Create a symbolic link pointing to your new Applications folder

    Ln-s / private / var / Applications

    5) Check the content of / developer to ensure that the new symbolic link works well


    In the list that appears, you must now have an entry identical to ceçi

    Lrwxr-xr-x a root admin (date) Applications-> / private / var / Applications

    6) Make application executables making

    Chmod + x / etc / fstab

    7) Boot the iPhone
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    2007-10-25 09:04 AM
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    see prob is there isnt 7.2 gigs of applications..!!!!!
    2007-10-25 09:42 AM