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    Is it possible to stream mp3 that is stored within the /Sites folder on the phone with lighttpd?
    When I try mobile safari gives me an error saying that the media cannot be played.

    What I'm trying to do is stream audio that I've pulled out from the tmp directory that seeqpod created, based on method to extract mp3s from seeqpod in this thread...

    But instead move the temp audio file out of the tmp directory to the /Sites directory of your local lighttpd server. More info on lighttpd from this thread...

    At this point when you access your local site you are presented with a list of all the audio files that you have copied there and when selected should be able to stream the audio as if it was coming from a source on seeqpod. Only problem is that I get an error which says "This movie could not be played".

    If we can get the audio to stream/play from the local lighttpd server on the phone, this would be a temporarily solution to play the music that you've saved from seeqpod without having actual network access. Then when you get home, extract it from the /Sites directory, import to iTunes and sync it to your phone to have it available in iPod.
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    2007-10-28 05:08 AM
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    I believe the problem is the way seeqpod saves that temp file.
    I've gotten normal .m4a files stored in the sites folder to play on the pc.

    when I put .mp3 files into the sites folder I can play them on the iphone with no problems. I really think its the way seeqpods saving the files.
    2007-10-30 04:26 PM