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    I know that there are some developers out there so I dont want to see no replies! Ok, it would nice if someone would make an easy to follow and complete guide on how to get the toolchain installed. When I say complete, I mean pictures, where to get files, and exactly what to type and where. If you guys didn't know I have just started to make complete videos on how to do different stuff and putting the videos on my website(www.lyndellwiggins.com) so that everyone can have an easy source to find out information. Well, if someone would teach me how to install the toolchain I will make a video for the hacking community to enjoy. And let's face it, apps aren't being created and updated everyday like they were a month ago. But I know there are plenty of people eager to learn Objective-C and start developing for the iPhone. And with only 3 months until the official SDK comes out we need to jump on this so everyone can get there developing on. I really would like to see some great apps come into existance. If those other Devs can make iPhone apps, then we can too!

    come on you guys, someone, anyone ?
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    2007-10-29 07:21 AM