1. WesWood151's Avatar
    There are a crapload of palm and windows mobile Pilot Logbooks, but I can't find any for the iPhone. Foreflight has a web based one, but I prefer an application if I can find them.
    This would be a simple database program, trust me if my 8525 ran one I know the iPhone/iPod touch can!


    2008-04-23 10:03 PM
  2. mad_llib's Avatar
    Join the Navy... they handle my logbook for me.

    But yeah, this would be a useful app... if I had any knowhow I'd try to put one together... and there probably arent too many iPhone modders out there who can fly... so the chance of finding someone to make us one, or a person that would even understand what would be required in the app... is unlikely
    2008-04-23 10:20 PM
  3. WesWood151's Avatar
    Yeah, the Army handles my Rotary hours, but I want something for my personal Fixed wing hours. I will stick to the on-line Foreflight option.

    Are the programs easier to develope for Windows Mobile, they are an *** load slower, but they seem as though they are based off of familiar programs, excel, access, ect....?

    Those were certainly the challenges I considered, but it doesn't hurt to ask, there could always be a flying iPhone moder out there!

    58D Pilot
    If you ain't Cav, You ain't ......
    2008-04-24 04:01 PM
  4. threesixright's Avatar
    Hi Guyz,

    Im flying and i develop software. I'm working in a iLogbook (as we speak) for the iPhone. If you guyz are still interested let me know

    2008-06-14 08:59 PM
  5. mad_llib's Avatar
    I'm still here... and the Navy handles my flying hours, but I'd always be interested in this program... to back-up the bureaucracy.

    Please make it able to handle Sims and Flights... ;-)

    mad llib
    MH-60S pilot
    2008-06-14 09:20 PM