1. 808mp5's Avatar
    Internet Connection Sharing is something i would definently like to see. I use to own a Samsung Blackjack and what i enjoyed the most was being able to connect my computer to the internet via bluetooth thru the samsung blackjack's edge connection. I know edge is slow but its better than no internet at all.

    I know this is probably a long shot since the "ifone" is mostly based on Mac and the blackjack was based on windows mobile (hence the ability to enable Internet Connection Sharing thru bluetooth).

    If it was possible and im pretty sure it is to enable some kind of internet connection sharing thru the "ifone" bluetooth.

    I would pay for this ability but not on a monthly basis cuz a $110 phone bill is enough for me.

    So i ask this to all you super "ifone" gurus. Try to get this done if it at all possible.

    Much mahalo's (thanks) to someone that figures this out.

    2007-11-02 07:58 AM