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    Has anything been made that will allow me to look up the info for different phone numbers.

    just like whitepages.com has on their reverse lookup
    2008-04-30 08:15 PM
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    2008-05-01 12:30 AM
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    Well, I don't know anything yet so much better if you will go to Google or other search engines to find an answer to your question. If you want to find more information about Reverse Phone Look Up just click the link.
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    2009-11-23 08:52 AM
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    yes ..there are many but all are paid though you can search for phone number in whitepages for free but if you need cell phone details then you need use a paid service ..please check this one reverse phone look up or this one reverse phone directory
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    2010-03-14 11:54 AM
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    I suspect there are free reverse cell phone number lookup services on the internet, they all reveal only very little information and I think those details are not what you are always looking for. I used to use Dogpile before I found Google in terms of what details are revealed. It was decent as I remember, give it a try!

    Sara Lothan
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    If any of you are still interested in this, you might check out IntelliID - it looks up caller ID information from a database when you get an unknown caller.
    2012-02-08 08:59 AM