1. Kylecchh's Avatar
    Donít know about you guys, buy this sounds like a great idea to me! For instance, you have a very heavily-intensive 3D game, and you want to improve frame quality. Grab your handy ice-pack and your iphone charger and fire her up! Of course it will shrink battery life, but just imagine the possibilities. It would be great to even downclock it a couple hundred MHz, and have a phone that stays on for 8 hours! (I doubt that long, but still...) Would be great to put some development options into this, Iím betting that Samsung ARM processor can be overclocked.
    2008-05-01 06:31 AM
  2. swifty7's Avatar
    we definitely need an app like that.
    2008-05-03 09:04 PM
  3. CobraSVT's Avatar
    I honestly don't think we need a app like that yet. Why would we need it? We dont have and problably wont have many apps that would require a whole lot of power. The phone itself isnt made for 3D gaming.
    2008-05-04 02:03 AM
  4. erix920's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure the processor is at it's max speed as it is.. if you wanted to overclock you would indeed need an icepack the thing heats up while using Safari. You'd probably end up frying it too..
    2008-05-04 02:51 AM
  5. Kylecchh's Avatar
    Correct, but I'm not directly pointing the application at overclocking, more such downclocking for longer battery life.
    2008-05-04 07:01 AM
  6. CobraSVT's Avatar
    I say if you wanna save battery life make sure you have Wifi off...a lot of people don't realize that.
    2008-05-04 08:12 AM
  7. Kylecchh's Avatar
    I do keep my WiFi off when I do not use it, now lets get back to the topic, this would really make a great application.
    2008-05-04 11:26 PM
  8. b3ta's Avatar
    actually the iphones processor does not run at its full speed, its a 600 Mhz Marvell unit, i think its the Marvell 310...

    and afaik the heat when using safari comes more from the screen and the battery than from the CPU..
    2008-06-18 12:55 PM
  9. lbaquerizo's Avatar
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3e6xIsxgQo]YouTube - Overclock iPhone 3G[/ame]

    watch this vid in youtube it can be done
    2009-08-04 12:31 AM
  10. dallasnights's Avatar
    anyone tried this does it work

    iPhone 4
    4.1 Firmware
    2009-08-04 03:13 AM
  11. iDCP's Avatar
    Anyone? I've been looking for overclocking software for ages.

    Why is everyone so scared of overclocking? =/
    2009-08-12 08:22 AM
  12. ikesmasher's Avatar
    because half of them probably dont even know what it means. It would be great , especially for the people that dont really use apps, they could downclock ti a bunch to save so much battery.
    2009-08-12 02:21 PM
  13. spazturtle's Avatar
    thecknikly it wouldn't be overclocking it would be just setting the clock speed the the default value 600mhz (iPhone 3G), 700mhz (iTouch 2G) and 900mhz (iPhone 3GS) and i dont think setting the CPU to the default value will make it explode
    2009-08-12 05:38 PM