1. iphoneinlondon's Avatar
    I've used the stock GPS that came with my iPhone and Navizon, I prefer Navizon because I don't have to keep stopping to update my location i.e. tell the iphone i've moved from step 1 to step 6 lol, Navizon has a "play" function which locates me realtime along my journey and changes the steps of direction as you go..

    What would be cool is integrated voice directing.. i mean it's all good how it is but it's not very road legal because you have to keep looking at it and concentrating on where it's telling you to go next - diverting your eyes away from the road.

    Just a thought.. saves me putting a tomtom AND iphone in my car and looking like some rich dude waiting to get robbed lol.

    P.S. LOVE this site.. i'm at work and 6 pages through the apps request pages.. some of the stuff people are asking for lol.. wep cracker ;p i dont dare use expensive EDGE and these days people here in UK are getting cheap cheerful unlimited download broadband so i wouldn't exactly complain if someone was using mine - but still unlawfull so i'm not requesting.. just on the lookout 8-) LOL.
    2008-05-06 02:08 PM
  2. Taniban's Avatar
    Yeah I agree with this guy above. Voice is definately needed. I have had many close calls in my car while trying to look for directions to a place on my iphone.
    2008-05-07 02:11 AM