1. mmm, beer's Avatar
    First post, so hello to everyone! Cool forum you guys have here, I'll probably be hanging out over here quite a bit.

    So I just got my iPhone this last week and the LCD screen has the negative black issue. I don't think it is so much a problem with the hardware, but rather the settings of the screen. As users, we can only adjust the brightness, but I'm guessing the negative black issue is caused by poor contrast and saturation settings. I wouldn't even know where to begin with programming this, so I am asking if someone here could whip up a small app that could adjust contrast, saturation, hue, and brightness. I'm offering up big money for this... $5 paypal'd to whoever answers the call.

    2007-11-09 04:35 AM
  2. s2k's Avatar
    I can only guess since its been discussed before they can't make settings for this. Apple can though
    2007-11-10 03:26 PM