1. robz's Avatar
    Hi there,

    i would like to start develop iPhone native apps.
    My first plan is to make an app which allows the user to send SMS via the internet (e.g. by email). To make it more comfortable, the user should be able to access his contact list and after the message was send to the server by email, it should be added to the SMS database.

    The list of the resources i need:

    - access contacts and let user choose number
    - send email on the default account
    - add entry to the sms database of the iphone

    It would be great if someone could give me some links to start reading about the possibilities. I have JAVA and C experiences.

    Thank you very much in advance

    2007-11-17 12:14 AM
  2. shoe's Avatar
    man leave that could you just simple make an application that will send sms to many contacts and have sent - drafts boxes and forward option? this would be really really helpful
    2007-11-17 05:08 AM
  3. ohnonotme's Avatar
    you can usually send sms text messages just over email if you know the phones address
    2007-11-17 06:07 AM
  4. ultimatexpka's Avatar
    omg if you made SMS modded then I'll be very happy since I only have a 200 message limit. And if you add the tilting keyboard in sms then you will truly be popular here
    2007-11-18 01:12 AM
  5. FocalJetter's Avatar
    Yeah tilting the screen on sms would be da ****.
    2007-11-18 06:05 AM