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    I think I remember seeing an early demo of the android OS and it appeared to have a UI that allowed you to recieve and reply to text messages without launching the main SMS app. Almost like a widget of some sort that floated around the status bar on top.

    Would this be possible? And is anyone besides me interested in such an app?

    I hate when Im watching a movie, playing a game on my phone or surfing the web and I get a SMS message... I get the popup that displays the message with two options...CLOSE or REPLY...It annoys me that me that if I choose to reply, it boots me out of the app I was using at the time and launches me into the SMS app... then after I reply, I have to close the SMS app, go back into the app I was using... then 30 seconds later the person replies and the cycle goes on and on... Im sure you all know what I mean. If would be great if someone could come up with an app that allows you to reply to the SMS straight from the pop-up... then after you reply u just hit the CLOSE button and continue doing what u were doing...
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    2008-05-20 05:50 PM
  2. D@D3CoUnTy's Avatar
    YES IM VERY INTERESTED IN THAT i have the same problem i hate it its like a never ending pop up i cant stand it..=)
    2008-05-20 06:51 PM
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    I know... I feel like that guy in your avatar sometimes because of it..
    Im really surprised that there isnt a lot of interest in an app or plugin like this... I think this would really make the phone more attractive to the user... I mean how many times have you been watching a video, surfing the net, playing a game, using customize or installer and a text comes in??? Now what? I can stop what Im doing and reply... or just close it and get back to it later... Im faced with this all the time.. I do a lot of texting and it really bothers me sometimes... I really wish I could just hit reply and instead of the app closing and the SMS app launching it just popped up the keyboard and allowed me to type into a text bubble inside he pop-up... then I hit send...then I hit close and the app I was running is uninterrupted.. Im not a programmer I dont like to assume, but Ive seen people accomplish some incredible things on the iPhone and I dont think that this should be too hard to do...

    Please voice your opinion if you would like to see an app like this so maybe someone will pick it up!
    2008-05-21 06:49 PM
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    I would loveee this =]
    A Thanks is always nice =]
    2008-05-22 06:36 AM
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    Or even bring back the ignore option from earlier firmwares. That way you still have the notification of one unread message on the sms icon, in stead of pressing close which marks the message as being read and the indicatior goes.

    There was a thread already regarding this point but not sure if there was much interest in it.
    2008-05-22 12:42 PM
  6. reznor9's Avatar
    well ignore wouldnt really be benificial to me... to me thats the same thing as closing it. I wish to be able to quick reply kinda like the box at the bottom of the forums...
    2008-05-22 04:33 PM
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    hmm that would be nice... easier and faster...

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    2008-05-22 08:18 PM
  8. RMcKinney340's Avatar
    its already done. iRealSMS does the job.
    2009-01-21 10:45 AM