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    I saw this game called assasination. And it seemed okay in theory Assassin for iPhone thats the link to get an idea. I think the concept could be absolutely amazing though. Im pretty sure Ifob lets you see the users around you, what if you made an app that let you see other assassian users around you and who ever sent the kill command first gets the kill with only one kill on a particular user per day. It would use your gps location plus a login to help map players and kills could only be sent to people within a certain range of each other and those would be the only people you could see. Let me know what yall think, I kind of feel like its the next gen of cell phone games. oh and also i would think it would be cool if once you died you had to wait until the next day midnight w/e.

    sorry for the double post my computer had a heart attack and then did that sorry
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