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  1. Zacho1989's Avatar
    I've gone through winscp to change out my sms tones. Do you think it would somehow be possible to have your phone select one of those "sms tones" at random each time you get at text? I think that would be pretty cool. Post up your ideas or a link if its already been done.
    2008-05-23 05:08 PM
  2. reznor9's Avatar
    sounds like a cool idea, though I would be more interested in an app that picks a random ringtone for your main ringer. Or an app capable of both.
    2008-05-23 06:43 PM
  3. THEREUGO's Avatar
    There is a way to personally choose a song from your Itunes music library for a ringtone. Email me and I will let you know on that.

    can I have the info on the " ringtone " for the sms, when receiving texts.
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    2008-05-23 10:37 PM