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    Ok, so here's the scenario:

    It's Sunday evening. Tomorrow marks the day that the new schedule needs to be posted. You're in charge of scheduling on top of your other weekly reports. The only problem is that you haven't even begun the schedule nor perform your other tasks. Instead your in a drunken stupor with a cigarette jutting from your lips haphazardly. . .

    The above scenario is not too extreme for the average procrastinator. Despite this, the actual request I'm making is for a talented developer to make a basic, yet multifaceted set of Business management tools that are capable of the following:


    - Setting a schedule for up to the duration of one month.
    - Creating multiple schedule types
    [flexible, rotating, steady. . .]
    - Calculating the personnel at work during specific shift.

    Duties Organizer:

    - Much like the tasks application on most phones [but is specific for the work environment]
    - Possible Inventory maintainer that can edit and save inventory data for later editing.


    I believe that there can be more options included in such a program in order to diversify it's potential for many jobs so that many Manager could find such a program useful. I would definitely be willing to donate to the cause so that this software could be created in such a way that it could be freeware. Personally, I dont see many venues that managers can go to in order to better organize themselves. Unless of course their company has decent software already implemented, or they spend out of pocket several hundred dollars for an OKay program. I also feel that by managers being able to organize themselves easier, that productivity would go up and would open up free time to be more personable with their employees [communication is key].

    Anyways, I'm gonna get off the soap box. I just figured most iPhone users [much like BlackBerry users] are job oriented individuals. Hope I made sense. Discussion would be good on this issue.
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    2008-05-26 06:49 AM