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    I keep finding an app out there for ebay but it needs Mac for some kind of token from ebay. Is anyone out there working on anything for this to push it through windows? I have a nokia 770 internet tablet that had a nice little app on it for ebay and would love something like it on my iphone.

    2007-11-21 02:40 AM
  2. renegaderon's Avatar
    Follow this guide it worked for me.

    Get a copy of your Data.plist file off of your phone or from your download of My eBay.app using WinSCP.

    Create a eBay Developer Account, You can create one here.


    Under DEVELOPMENT KEYS, you can generate the keys for both Sandbox and Production.

    Use Production. You have to create the KEYS first before you can get your token.

    After you create your Development keys, it will ask you for your ebay account information. You can now go back to your account main menu, and now you have the option to create TOKEN KEYS.


    Use Notepad or MSWrite. Put your token keys, In the Data.plist file where it says < string > Token Here < /string > Put your token in between there.

    Transfer the Data.plist file back to your iphone.

    Restart the application, and you are DONE!
    2007-11-21 04:32 AM
  3. Jayman11's Avatar
    Thanks so much! Worked like a charm!

    2007-11-21 05:09 PM
  4. roger505's Avatar
    thanks worked great
    2007-11-21 06:31 PM
  5. linkx's Avatar
    Is the token both Token and Rest Token combined?
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    2007-11-21 08:13 PM
  6. roger505's Avatar
    no just the token
    2007-11-21 08:43 PM
  7. linkx's Avatar
    says Token missing on my side.
    Is this correct?
    	<key> AgAAAA**AQAAAA**aAAAAA**R4hERw**nY+sHZ2PrBmdj6wVnY+sEZ2PrA2dj6wFkYWiC5GLoAqdj6x9nY+seQ**yEwAAA**AAMAAA**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 </key>
    2007-11-22 08:13 AM
  8. roger505's Avatar
    no thats wrong it goes <string> HERE</string>
    2007-11-22 07:31 PM
  9. linkx's Avatar
    Thx alot roger505.Working now
    2007-11-22 08:39 PM
  10. se23's Avatar
    the steps work but it wont find anything im watching etc on my iphone????
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    2007-11-28 05:39 AM