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    Im having an idea for an app, but its kinda sketchy. I for one dont really like to use the PASSWORD LOCK function. Gets annoying typing in the 4 digit every time I wake my phone. Im brainstorming an app which when activated toggles the password lock on, and sets a preset password and resets the springboard... thus requiring you to type in the password immediately.

    How is this an retaliation against theives you say? Well lets say someone manages to steal your iPhone from under you... well what if somehow you could remotely activate this app, like via a text message or something so you just have to borrow someones phone, text yourself a special message and BAM! the phone is locked, or maybe disguise this app as the PHONE function app so when the theif hits the phone icon and tries to make a call, it locks him out(I mean that icon is kind of useless anyways, since you can just double tap the home key to use the phone)... Just a thought.
    what do you think?

    then maybe have it display a message like this iPhone has been reported stolen and has been deactivated. Transmitting current GPS position data to authorities.. Then shooting the Maps app with the locate me search on...LOL
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    Or have it actually use the locate me function to send you directions to where you phone is.
    2008-05-30 07:15 PM