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    Drunkbass gave me the link to this thread.
    I'll just believe you and assume that you're a good guy and have had the same idea...
    Of course I am :-)
    Just to make this clear :
    Our both interfaces are inspired by the very popular Microsoft Surface/multitouch view/minority report view.
    So, it's more likely (and fair) to say we have both had inspiration from an global existing and popular project that we copied each other.

    By the way I'm just developing in my spare time because I'm mad about new interfaces, games, etc.
    - I don't earn money with this
    - I don't have ads on my websites
    - I don't even have a "donation button"
    - I don't earn 105$ in dev contests (ok I'm that good guy writing this point :-))
    - I just appreciate when people uses my app and write comments either they liked it or not, I won't be mad if not :-) (I'll just try to make it better the next time)

    So if you're interessted in my code, you're allowed to use it; I think you know already where to find it:
    Of course, you gave me the link on my blog.
    To be honest, I'm feeling lazy to seek this function in your code, in the other hand, I've made my own function which works (but doesn't rotate out of the center axis...:-( )
    I've made it step by step as you can see the several videos on [ame=""]Dailymotion - Share Your Videos[/ame].

    I used a NSAffineTransform to do the transformations, quite likely it's somehow compatible with the UITransformationMatrix (as both work with matrices).
    I don't even know what the differences are..
    No offence, I'm just new to Obj.C COCOA dev and I've been inspired by Sean Heber to make this transformation (both Pumpkin and Uncle App code)

    And the transformation part of my app is one of the rare ones which I even explained with comments.

    So long, Choo (==Jasamer)
    I just want to say that I've planed to make those projects :
    - Billard/Pool game using multitouch for the interface/shoot
    - Plat-form game (Labyrinth like basically) using accelerometer
    - Physics based game (Like TIM)

    So please, don't hate me if you planned to do one of these project :-) (or we can just collaborate, it would be good to bring your coding experience in the development workflow)


    Cédric / CedSoft

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    ================================================== ==============
    ================================================== ==============
    ================================================== ==============

    I really am looking forward to the release when you can load up the pictures from the camera roll.
    I had trouble first to do to this :
    I wasn't able to load picture out of my app directory from the app itself.
    I've found a little hack thanks to sources : I'm just creating a symlynk for each picture that I delete when the app ends.

    When you're able to do this, I will be replacing the normal image viewer entirely and removing it's icon from my springboard .
    I don't know how to do global iphone environment developpement yet or existing app modification/upgrade.

    One feature I'd love to see in this as well is the ability to add multiple pictures to the one surface instead of only being able to manipulate one picture at a time.
    I've planned to do this ;-)

    Also, do you plan on releasing the source code at all? I'm sure it would be extremely helpful to other developers, and also help people add to yours.
    Of course, by now, I'm writing the app from scratch to make it object-oriented. I coded the previous version "c-style" and draft... and it would be more confortable to share/maintain/upgrade it if it's clean.


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    Hi Cédric!
    Don't be afraid, of course I don't hate you and I also didn't want to insult you.

    First I wanted to say that my view is not inspired by Microsoft (*grrr*) or minority report (I didn't see that movie - is it good?), but simply by the photo view from Apple; I basically grabbed that two-finger concept and implemented as it "should be".
    Should I explain? Ok:
    The essence of that two-finger concept is that one puts his fingers on two points of the image. And no matter how one moves the fingers, they should remain on the same points.
    However, that is not properly implemented in Apples photo view (not only that rotation does not work, also you can not zoom and move simultaneously); your app is better but not perfect as you told me; and I think mine is (at least the calculation error is so small that no one notices) "perfect" in that matter. I noted that one could use it "differently". For example, you can put one finger on a point you want the image to rotate around, and move the other in a circle around it - it somehow works like a spring bow. So, enough of that.

    Next thing: I (despite those 105$, which I plan spending on software/donating to other projects) also don't earn money with my projects, I do only have a banner on my homepage because I don't want to pay for the webspace, I also don't have a "donation" button, and I also like people giving feedback to my programm - we're not so different after all... :-)

    And finally, I don't know why so many people are thinking I'm a programmer with a lot of experience! (But anyway, thanks for the compliment.)
    I started programming obj-c / cocoa 5-6 weeks ago (the day I jailbroke my iPod touch).

    Your planed projects sound fun, would be nice to collaborate (till now I've always programmed on my own).
    Do you have some ICQ number or can I find you in some IRC chat (my ICQ number is 330811766 and I'm quite often online in the iphone-uikit and itouch chatrooms on / on the modmyi-irc)?
    Would be nice to talk about it.

    So long, Choo
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    Bottom line is its good to have the two of you here - you both do good work.

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    2007-12-05 08:58 AM
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    Three cheers for GREAT PROGRAMMERS...
    NOW get back to work!!!
    Did I Help you?? Then Hit the Thanks button!
    16gb iPhone running 1.1.4
    Jailbroken and Unlocked!
    MMi ROCKS!!!!
    2007-12-05 10:59 AM
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    Three cheers for GREAT PROGRAMMERS...
    NOW get back to work!!!
    2007-12-05 11:56 AM
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    Hey cedsoft, it is indeed a great achievement. I did notice at once you take your fingers off the pad and put them back on, the picture automatically goes back to center. Would you be able to make it take up where it left off? Maybe a double tap to go back to center?
    Get "iPod & iTunes for Dummies", it'll change your life.
    2007-12-05 01:10 PM
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    Hey cedsoft, it is indeed a great achievement. I did notice at once you take your fingers off the pad and put them back on, the picture automatically goes back to center. Would you be able to make it take up where it left off? Maybe a double tap to go back to center?

    butreeally an incredible job if only apple had done like this!
    2007-12-07 04:09 PM
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    MultiTouch v 0.1.1

    To Install, you need to add the source in your's sources.
    To do this:
    tap sources
    tap edit
    tap add
    tap ok
    wait for sources to refresh
    tap install
    look for multitap under the category
    install multiTouch.

    Enjoy your iPhone's Minority Report-like interface and view of NY Twin Towers Ground Zero

    But wait! There's more! for those who wish to edit the default picture shown by the app (i changed mine to a googlearth view of Rockwell Center) follow these instructions:
    Requires MultiTap to already be installed on your iPhone!
    Requires knowledge of SSHing to your iPhone

    1) Download and Install Pixer (Mac Only, I;m sure Windows also has a nifty pixel changer application

    2) Choose your desired picture to appear in MultiTouch.
    TIP: Use GoogleEarth and use screenshot (Apple-shift-4 on Macs) to make and use a GoogleEarth image.

    Since the image has to be a .jpg file with resolution of
    797 x 737
    and preferably (but not required)
    72 pixels per inch,

    Here's where Pixer comes useful. Launch Pixer and choose the picture file you want, then convert it to a 797 x 737 jpg. save to desktop.

    rename the .jpg file that Pixer just created to: WTC_skyview.jpg

    TIP: Images that are originally close to a 797x 737 (almost a square shape) will work best.

    3) Launch your SSH application on your computer.(Fugu or Cyberduck for Mac, WinSCP for Windows)
    Login to your iPhone
    Navigate to the iPhone's /Applications/ Directory
    Drop the WTC_skyview.jpg file you created (from your desktop), to the iPhone's /Applications/ directory.
    You should get an alert whether you want to overwrite IF your dropped the WTC_skyview.jpg file onto the right directory. Click Overwrite.
    Close Fugu
    Restart iPhone.

    Enjoy your customized MultiTouch.

    Great app that shows you the potential of our beloved iPhones. Imagine if future games implement this feature. I can imagine a port of SilentScope working well with this interface. =)
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    2007-12-07 07:01 PM
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    I've added your source to the installer repository, but I can only see "Bouncing App" and "PumpedVF" under the "Apps from" section.
    2007-12-08 01:23 AM
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