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    Turning a Christmas tree via wifi??
    In these video you can see how we turn on a Christmas tree with iphone mobile safari.
    The interface is made on php/python. Then using a relay to close the circuit.
    If you need information about the project, you can ask me. Its a cool school proyect for this season.


    University of La Salle Chihuahua, Mexico
    2007-11-30 04:40 AM
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    2007-11-30 11:47 PM
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    Wanna show us how to do this?
    2007-12-01 03:19 AM
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    This really has nothing to do with an iPhone (specifically), but it's cool none the less!
    2007-12-01 03:27 AM
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    Yes, I know you can do it with a laptop with Wifi but its cool using your wifi cell phone.
    Well we used a pic from Microchip (order them free at microchipdirect.com). We programmed it in C so when it recieves the order via serial port it activates a relay that turns on the Christmas Tree.
    You also need a PC (I recommend you an old one). It just needs to have a serial port or usb, and be running linux.
    You can use python or php to send the signal thru the serial port. Just add a cool button and interface in the web page.

    Yes you can also turn a Light, even a Electric engine but we think it will call more atention if it was a Christmas Tree.
    We placed it at the university "cafeteria" with a sign: http://navidad.ulsachihuahua.edu.mx to turn me on.
    So it was funny to see how people turn it on with their laptops.

    Here in Mexico I dont know any other cell phone with wifi.
    Because the project is in the school local network, so accessing it from outside is imposible(edge).
    Also if you want to add more "impression", using your iphone helps heh.
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