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    That would be nice, but having SSH open all the time would also be dangerous because I saw that way that someone could hack your phone will it is running SSH...
    Not necessarily. If you start it with the command I gave, there's nothing insecure about it. It's started as a client, thus nobody can connect to it other than to the proxy running at port 8080, but that's bound to the loopback device and thus only accepts connections from the iphone itself. The only possible insecurity is if you didn't set a root-password in your iphone and are running an SSH-server on it. But saying SSH in itself is insecure is the same as claming a FTP-server is insecure, which of course it isn't unless you don't know how to handle one.

    In other words, SSH is safe as long as it's configured right (which is fast to do and would be possible to go over in a short HOWTO). I myself have been running an SSH-server on my public server for a year or two now, and haven't had any problems since all my user accounts have secure passwords and it's running on a non-default port.
    2007-12-28 05:55 PM
  2. drivintin's Avatar
    Lets please not let this thread get off topic here. For those looking there are ways to background SSH and use it as a proxy and to leave it running. If you really wanting to steal hotspot access then just look at DNS tunneling.

    As for the WEP cracker i started working on this when i got my iphone a couple weeks ago. It won't be too hard to do and people are working on it. It would be wonderful from my stand point as a security consultant. You can drop the wifi in monitor mode pretty easily, and for those guys with linux experience, or even better BSD, just install the term app, or just run the SSH deamon and ssh right in. Make sure you havd the BSD base installed, ifconfig and all that works, you might be surprised what you can do

    I can currently break WEP keys in about 3-5min on my MB, the iphone will take a bit longer, but some of you guys might be surprised on what you can get...

    2007-12-28 10:18 PM
  3. macky801's Avatar
    so has there been any update?
    2008-01-04 05:56 AM
  4. taxbax's Avatar
    they made some progress in this thread on ipodtouchfans, though they say its still a long way out because the "ipod can not inject packets" i dont really know what any of it means, but maybe some one here can learn something from what theyve posted
    2008-01-04 06:18 AM
  5. Darkdeathgod's Avatar
    Correct me if I'm wrong but will the same SSH knowledge be used to crack weps. Example, if I linked my PC and Iphone up on a connection. Couldn't I run software on the PC to crack weps that the Iphone can see? Granted it would require 2 wifi networks but at least it's a start. It would solve all issues about burning your battery and CPU.
    2008-01-04 06:30 AM
  6. smurf0815's Avatar
    Check this: [ame=""]YouTube - How to get AIRCRACK on your iPod touch / iPhone![/ame]
    2008-01-08 10:03 AM
  7. desheh's Avatar
    it's nice, but it still doesn't really work...
    2008-01-08 05:11 PM
  8. foodfightr's Avatar
    bump- i'd like to see this as well
    2008-01-13 04:58 PM
  9. macky801's Avatar
    so any progress?
    2008-01-17 09:03 PM
  10. Uko's Avatar
    Ok so this program gives me a hex code. What should I do with it?
    2008-03-16 02:02 PM
  11. BrainDamage's Avatar
    LOL. I love how you make the distinction. If you're taking someone's bandwidth, you're stealing, whether its "open" or not.
    Illegal? I am not so sure. Unethical? Probably.

    Take a look at these articles and decide for yourself. I live in South Florida, so I got this article from Sun Sentinel.,0,6959600.story

    Then there is this article which shows both points of view.

    I have my wireless network secured, but a lot of people in my neighborhood do not.
    2008-03-16 02:55 PM
  12. Uko's Avatar
    I like to find somewhere not protected network, but I want to understand how the aircrack works, so I will have more free wifi around the city
    2008-03-17 06:22 AM
  13. gripdis's Avatar
    Yes but you still have to capture something like a million packets no?
    that is if your not injecting packets!
    to capture a million packets on a home network could take forever no?
    as far as I remember you need 2 air cards to inject no?
    I think the battery would be dead before you cracked the network lol
    2008-03-17 07:49 PM
  14. Baenor's Avatar
    Ok... so we have aircrack working, and it doesn't take long, or much battery.
    - I tested it myself.

    Lets get a program like airodump working :-)

    Aircrack is useless without IV information to use... whats the point in cracking it on ur iphone when u did the sniffing on ur laptop...
    And perhaps a UI?
    2008-03-26 01:50 PM
  15. classyletdown's Avatar
    this is one of the first threads where i actually read the entire thing, and not just the recent posts. I'd really like to see something like this app come to life. Hopefully someone feels the way i do and has the knowledge to actually program something like this into a reality. With that said, any updates?
    2008-04-02 04:06 AM
  16. aaauustiinnn's Avatar
    yess someone come on
    2008-04-02 04:30 AM
  17. frankydabull's Avatar
    I did a lot of programming when I was in highschool [class of '01] but this is a project that I would probably come out of retirement for, as long as I can find time with my graphic design job.

    People are saying that it will kill the battery, etc. but the processer in an iPhone is extremely decent. How much processer do you think you need to run a *nix script? Ill do some research and reading later on tonite
    2008-04-03 03:09 AM
  18. watice's Avatar
    Ok... so we have aircrack working, and it doesn't take long, or much battery.
    - I tested it myself.

    Lets get a program like airodump working :-)

    Aircrack is useless without IV information to use... whats the point in cracking it on ur iphone when u did the sniffing on ur laptop...
    And perhaps a UI?

    EGG-ZACTLY. I highly doubt you can even put the wifi on the iphone into some kind of monitor or packet capture mode. Anyone have any info on the iphone's wifi chipset?
    2008-04-08 11:12 PM
  19. canadaFone's Avatar
    its not a question of if its doable or not, its a question of how hard it would be. All wifi chipsets are capable of monitoring traffic, its just a matter of whether or not the current driver supports it. If someone wanted this badly enough there's nothing stopping them from grabbing an opensource driver for whatever the wifi chipset is and replacing the existing apple driver. Then it suddenly becomes much easier to get airodump working properly.
    2008-04-15 04:49 PM
  20. dextersweb's Avatar
    well that seems pretty impossible as it takes like 5 to 10 mins on the computer let alone iphone
    2008-04-15 04:56 PM
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