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    hello guys im just wondering,.. i just trade my old cellphone for a new iphone i had a sony ericsson p990i that HAVE no comparation to my new iphone but is something that in like and ALOT of my p990 is that i cud configurate my numpad to tab a number and call that persona i just add it to that number.. for example..

    1 mom
    2 dad
    3 big brother
    4 Girlfriend

    and i just only had to open the keypad and tap 4 send call and puff i was calling my girlfriend on the go and verry easy and more fast..

    i know that i can make favorites in contacts but i think is more fast the other way

    is there any app that make this??? thanks in advance

    sorry about my english.. i can speak it better but in write i suck xD
    im fron venezuela and btw the iphone and the edge work GREAT over here
    2008-06-10 05:26 PM