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    Okay, here is an interesting challenge. I'd be interested in an application that allows me to enter the names of the players on my soccer team and then record stats of their games in a very easy manner. The stats I would be interested in would be goals, assists, and saves. I figured the app would allow me to scroll through the names of the players and click on one of three buttons (Goal, Assist, or Save) when a player does one of those activities. Ideally, there would also be a time clock that could be started at the beginning of the game and the time of the goal, save, or assist would be recorded also. Once the game is over, the stats could be uploaded to Excel or some other program.

    Anyone up for the challenge?
    2008-06-11 03:10 AM
  2. mrarick's Avatar
    I have an app that does just that. It will be posted on iTunes shortly.
    2009-01-07 04:45 PM
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    We asked a similar question.. for a long time.

    Check out a soccer iphone stats App - iSoccerStatz. Statzpack have produced two Apps. iSoccerStatz is an App that allows a soccer coach to record key events like goal, assists, shots, freekicks - tagging the actions against players. You get half and full time summary stats, plus you can upload a stats summary to the web for sharing.

    Statzpack also provide an App that works with a web based service where you can add multiple teams, analyse by player, campaign, graphs, charts.- great for communicating with your players. Players can even access their own stats.

    This is even used by some MLS academies and even an english premier league team to assist in their performance analysis for youth and development teams.

    See all their Apps at iTunes Store

    Find out more at Statzpack | Performance Analysis System for Football Teams and Soccer Clubs. Coaches can use an iPhone or iPod touch to record game stats.
    2010-03-24 10:54 PM