1. kstewart71's Avatar
    Does anyone know if there is a working app in existence to manage your money on the fly? Something that allows for submitting withdrawals and purchases as well as deposits. Perhaps the ability to catagorize different accounts, autopay and a set direct deposit amount and date. Believe me, I would attempt to create it myself and would prefer to do so if I could get the tool chain installed and working properly on my pc. Anyone???
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    2007-12-06 07:34 PM
  2. dane.pablecheque's Avatar
    Nice idea - an on the go 'Budget' program would be useful.

    Managing withdrawals and purchases would be very handy!
    2007-12-07 12:34 AM
  3. NetMage's Avatar
    I believe Hardy Macia at Catamount (Newton and Palm developer) has a version of his commercial product, Pocket Money, about to be released for iPhone.

    On the Newton, this was an excellent product to rival Quicken/Money.
    2007-12-07 01:06 AM
  4. kstewart71's Avatar
    Thanks for your replies....I cant wait for the Pocket Money for iPhone (He'll probably call it iMoney...I would...lol) Anyhow, there is a site called clearcheckbook.com in the meantime...a lot of useful features, but you have to wait for the site to load to submit transactions...
    2007-12-09 08:07 PM