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    Is there a way that anyone has been able to change the download folder on any of the IRC clients for the iphone to put the downloaded mp3's in the phone's music directory? It has been a while since I explored the filesystem, and I haven't had time to even check out where the music is stored.

    I saw that it was possible to change the apps to run off of the media storage and not the system storage partition, so this seems feasible to me.

    If this is possible it would be a solution (not very efficient for some) to get music on the iphone without dealing with itunes and syncing

    Would anyone please comment on if this makes sense and is something that anyone here can do? Is there even a directory that you can upload MP3's into without using itunes and be able to play that music?
    If not...why?

    Basically I want to know if anyone knows anything about the music database file.

    I am shocked that no one knows anything about it.
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    I use a different process than you are describing, but you can get mp3s running in the ipod app without a sync using the following...


    Hope that's useful for you
    2007-12-11 05:11 PM