1. biddy2008's Avatar
    I was wondering if there is an application that I could install and once clicked on my springboard goes straight to a specified directory that I could set before hand?

    like what I am wanting this for is when i use historydl.app to download a music file and it goes into a directory on my iphone, then i am wanting an app on my springboard that will immediately launch that directory and show the files in there ready for me to click on one.

    I am aware there are apps like MPLight i think it is called that will import into my ipod and show up directories but not what i am wanting, I don't want the songs imported into my ipod just an app to bring up that directory straight away..

    hope i haven't rambled on and confused ppl... thanks
    2007-12-12 01:42 AM
  2. devlinrandom's Avatar
    Look into Sendfile by Erica Sadun. I use it to play the mp3s I grab off Seeqpod with HistoryDL.app.
    2007-12-12 02:39 AM
  3. biddy2008's Avatar
    thanks mate, kinda what I was looking for :-) got files downloading to that directory and now they come straight up. thanks
    2007-12-12 02:55 AM