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    CHung Wu has open sourced code that takes Google Maps and makes it iPhone friendly.

    You can see it in action at www.grapier.com/maps.html (www required).

    You can drag and drop the map by using two finger scrolling instead of one, and he handles scrolling in his code via:

    MapSurfaceController.prototype.onScroll = function(event) {
        if (this.scrollEventsToIgnore > 0) {
            return true;
        var scrollTop = this.surface.scrollTop;
        var scrollLeft = this.surface.scrollLeft;
        var surfaceHeight = this.surface.offsetHeight;
        var surfaceWidth = this.surface.offsetWidth;
        var scrollRight = scrollLeft + surfaceWidth;
        var scrollBottom = scrollTop + surfaceHeight;
        var mapWidth = this.mapContainer.offsetWidth;
        var mapHeight = this.mapContainer.offsetHeight;
        if (scrollTop > 0 && scrollLeft > 0 && scrollRight < mapWidth && scrollBottom < mapHeight) {
            return true;
        return true;

    * Drag the map around using two fingers
    * Zoom in and out using the buttons on the upper left
    * Switch map type, or toggle traffic overlay using the menu on the upper right
    * Go somewhere, get driving directions, or search for businesses using the menu on the lower left
    * Paginate through local search or driving direction results using the left and right arrows on the bottom right. Hit the “X” button to get out of the search.
    * Set a business result as current location
    by using the pin button on the lower right after you’ve done a local
    search. You can then get driving directions to there as usual.
    * Open a more detailed page on a business by using the pop-out button on the lowe right after you’ve done a local search.
    * See all directions or local search results at once by scrolling down below the map after you’ve done a search.

    You can read more about
    the library

    2007-12-14 05:07 AM