1. jtanner's Avatar
    Ok, do a quick search for "Voice Inbox" for the Nokia N95 - that'll give you an idea...

    This may be possible once the SDK is released, but i wonder if someone could write some code, to effectivly answer an incoming call, play a greeting then record the message onto the phone.

    Someone has already managed voice recording, next step would be to record the call, and then work out how to take over after say 20seconds.

    On my N95 i turned my voicemail off, and had Voice Inbox setup to answer after 20 seconds.

    A possible alternative for those without visual voicemail.

    The app would have to have the option to be included in some kinda startup list, and also would ideally be able to place an "active" icon some where.

    N95 version...: Voice Inbox

    an iPhone version of that would be awesome!
    2007-12-15 01:08 AM
  2. MOSHO92's Avatar
    Out phones do this similarily on AT&T... We do actually download an amr file of the voicemail to the phone, it just takes a minute. I dont see any advantages of the N95 vs ours unless you cant get visual voicemail... but I guess that was your point, huh?
    2007-12-15 02:12 AM
  3. wePhone's Avatar
    Don't hey have this already? I never used it but I saw it in the commercial with the really buff dude.
    2007-12-15 02:14 AM
  4. jtanner's Avatar
    unless you cant get visual voicemail... but I guess that was your point, huh?
    my point exactly! for us unlocked iPhone users / eg non-contract users.

    i know the n95 version has no advantages, other than it is a stand-alone app.

    if that could be ported / a similar program written nativly then visual voicemail could be available for everyone - even those that are unlocked or on pay as you go.

    i only referenced the N95 version coz i bought that program and used it all the time before i sold it
    2007-12-17 11:45 PM