1. soda97's Avatar
    Is it possible to set a passcode to launch a program?

    maybe like a program that let you
    1) set a passcode,
    2) show a list of apps and able to select if you wish to have the passcode on them
    3) when you click on those apps, it'll ask you the passcode before you can lauch it

    this is what happen
    I let my friend check out my iphone
    then when I look again, he was reading my dam email
    I have like bank statement that send to my inbox and I don't like people looking at them

    Another thing could be photo, they have to ask me to see them

    the last thing is I don't want people to mess with my settings and stuff
    esp. if they're going into the preference and set a new passcode, then I'm screwed

    I don't mind letting people to use my phone for calling, surfing or some gaming
    but I don't want them to screw things around and look at my personal stuff...

    I hope someone can implement a program or give me some advice on this

    Thanks in advance,
    2007-12-17 08:44 PM
  2. XvXCutsmanXvX's Avatar
    2007-12-17 09:29 PM