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    As a panoramic photographer I'm really eager to be able to view these on my iPhone.

    Usually interactive panoramas are shown using (Flash, Java or Quicktime) cubic viewing, 6 cubefaces are projected on the inside of a cube which can rotate giving the impression of actually looking around.

    Right now I make due by flipping through a horizontal strip of 6 images. The viewer separates the images with a black space. If I could somehow remove this black spaces by editing some settings or plist file I'd be very happy. Any tips here would be great!

    Another possibility could be re-programming the cube-effect of the slideshow. Making it an inner-cube and removing the shading effect that darkens the cube-sides when turning. I really don't know how this should be done though.

    The best solution would of course be a native cubic viewer

    Anybody out here who can help me (and a lot of panoramic enthousiasts) out?


    2007-12-20 01:06 PM
  2. henri_smeets's Avatar
    2007-12-21 02:13 PM
  3. burdell1's Avatar
    where else can you get photos for this viewer?
    2008-03-23 06:20 PM
  4. henri_smeets's Avatar
    Hmmm, Burdell, I was requesting for someone to make this app!

    In the meantime someone actually has! check Cubeworld.org !!
    2008-03-27 12:24 AM