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    Being able to change the user agent would be quite helpful in many instances. The beauty of the iPhone is that it browses standard web pages. But some websites want to be "helpful" by detecting the iphone and then producing a specially formatted page which often dilutes the usefulness of the site. A prime example is Google which automatically goes to a less useful "mobile" page. Another is Bank of America which actually prohibits use of various accounts through its mobile service.
    2008-07-08 08:29 PM
  2. wzad's Avatar

    dyin for some kind of solution for this
    2008-08-21 02:16 AM
  3. Renblade's Avatar
    Well on google (for example) you are given the option to swith to standard web layout.

    Have you checked on Cydia or Installer for a fix or modification?
    2008-08-21 02:35 AM
  4. darcness's Avatar
    Is there any way to change the Iphone's user agent string? Sites like refuse access to Safari users and Iphone refuses installation of other browsers. Could I change the Iphone user agent string to imitate IE, Firefox, or Opera, like a regular desktop user? If so, how?

    Or are there any other ways to trick a website into thinking you're not using Safari? Or to install a different browser on the Iphone?

    2008-08-30 12:53 AM
  5. wzad's Avatar
    hey... just letting y'all know that I've come up with a beta hack to change the user agent for anyone who is comfortable enough manually editing a couple files.

    [MobileSafari] How to change User Agent ? - Hackint0sh

    If anyone out there is interested in building a patcher+user agent switcher interface based on this hack please feel free to do so
    2008-09-28 10:00 PM
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    I know this thread is SUPER old, but I figured out a hack that WORKS. It worked for my anyway, on my jailbroken 2g iPhone on 3.1.3 OS version.

    I have the SBsettings toggle for "user agent faker" installed via Cydia. What I did, on my mac, using a program called, "iPhone Explorer" I went to the directory for var<mobile<library<SBsettings<toggles<UAfaker<UAfa ker.plist

    simply copy the plist file onto your desktop, and open inside of any text reader. Between the <string> and </string> you will see the user agent for firefox. What you need to do is change the user agent string to any of the compatible ones that specifies (or higher versions of those ones.) I chose to test it with Opera 9.2 for mac. The web site works perfectly on my iPhone now, and I can view the full facebook page AND make comments and send emails. Before, the 'comment' and 'send' buttons would not work when using UAfaker toggle.

    You can view a lor more user agent string at this web site: Browser ID Strings (a.k.a. User Agent ID) I persoannly like the one for desktop safari because pages load faster, but wutev's. I hope this helps for you.
    2010-05-12 07:17 PM
  7. mitchb13's Avatar
    There is this hack that I just discovered that allows you to change the user agent in Safari for iOS without Jailbreak.

    2012-02-21 03:03 AM
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    Maybe I'm mixed up. I watch which has great free films but only works on an iPhone or Android phone. Their website on my laptop is only short trailers. I want to watch movies on my laptop - bigger screen, better sound. Will User Agent Faker let me watch their films on my laptop? Also, is UAF a free download? Saw posts to buy it on Cydia, but can't even find it on Cydia on my iPhone. Help a brother out!
    2013-09-02 03:59 AM

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