1. Cowboyfromhell4's Avatar
    Ive been wanting to ask for this one for a darn long time but hate remembering passwords.

    Anyway, my idea is, how about a springboard icon that you can press and it will forward calls, and when calls are forwarded maybe it could have a badge that says "on".

    cuz i forward my calls because i don't have reception at my house, then when i come back down, usually i remember to un-forward them but sometimes i just do my things and wonder why no one is calling me. then i get a text message from a friend or gf "ur calls are forwarded"

    so i think its not too complicated, just basicly a springboard shortcut with a badge indicator?
    2008-07-16 02:15 AM
  2. ekafem's Avatar
    Anyone her to help? I have the same problem...
    2008-08-19 12:49 PM