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    i dont know if im posting in the right thread...I Was Wondering if someone could help me make a simple program for pc..i have a idea for a transformation pack for the iphone but have no idea on programing or gui building. all i need is a program that throws files ito the iphone from the pc. Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.
    2008-07-24 03:45 PM
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    i think i could help but i a beginner it depends on what you want to transform it into

    but i always like ssh your themes in to my ipod i think i could do it on iphone

    i think if you use the iphone as a usb stick and put them in you can do that with iphone sentinel from mokafive
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    2008-11-05 11:40 PM
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    what exactly are you thinking of ebl?
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    2008-11-05 11:44 PM