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    The Issue:

    The iPhone displays a preview of incoming SMS messages, and while it is possible to disable the preview of the message, an alert with the sender's name and "text message" still appears.

    The Requested App:

    An application that will allow for toggling the SMS preview and/or the non-preview alert. That way, one can choose between (1) full preview, (2) simple visual alert, or (3) no visual alert. Perhaps a future iteration of the application will even provide an interface whereby the user can customize the message that is displayed when an SMS comes in (assuming the alert is enabled at all).

    It would be great if someone would develop an app like this, assuming it is even possible. Along those lines, I am curious about what the limits are in terms of app development for a jailbroken iPhone. Is the sky the limit as long as there is an innovative (or not-so-innovative) idea and a talented programmer?

    2008-07-26 06:03 PM
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    check out intelliscreen. it has functions similar to what you're looking for... plus a bunch more.

    it's not 2.0 compatible yet, but i'm sure they're working on updating.
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