1. smackjack's Avatar
    I get about 50 mails a day. I read them on my iphone when i am not at home and on my mac when i am at home. The problem is that its really really annoying to delete every mail on the phone when i have read it on my computer allready.

    It would be great with an app that syncs the iphone to the computer over wifi and once every 15 minutes it checks what mail you have opened on the computer and mark them as read on the phone. Same thing for the mail you have read on the iphone. This require an app on the iPhone as well as on the computer (i think)

    What do you think about this idea? Im no programmer, can this be done? Someone up for the challenge .
    2008-01-24 05:00 PM
  2. ratattak's Avatar
    hey i am not an expert by any means, but what you are asking for sounds like IMAP?

    I use Gmail, and on iphone, you can have it set up as IMAP, so no matter where i check my messages, phone, home, work, or school, it all updates them accordingly.
    2008-02-03 04:10 AM