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    So, yesterday I was thinking of the mockups of the new iPod touch before it was officially-announced, which looked something as this:

    As you can see if the second picture, there is a virtual wheel for the iPod Touch..and then I was thinking, why isn't there one for the real iPhone\iPod Touch, something that will be like the known-application - Dock, which is where you "pull off" a little "sun" from the edge of the screen, why isn't there anything as such but with a virtual-wheel? it could be kinda cool to have one of these, while playing music and being inside an application, instead of double-clicking the home button you will simply pull off a little 'icon' from the edge of the screen and have the ability to Play\Pause, Nxt. Song, Prv. Song, and Menu could be used to simply bring up the iPod application

    Could anyone make such a thing? would be very cool and handful

    I know there is the double-home iPod pop-up, but I think having a wheel will be so much better

    Thanks in Advance,
    2008-01-25 08:34 PM