1. randomopinion's Avatar
    As a biz user I know the community would love to be able to quickly mute/unmute the call without having to:

    hit the home button to turn on the screen,
    then slide to unlock,
    then hit the mute button
    then go through the whole process again to reverse the state

    Instead I think we could make the physical mute button into an "in-call mute button) Each time you move the physical mute button to vibrate or back, it will change the state of the "in-call mute"

    It would work similar to the old screenshot where you had to flip that switch to take the screen.

    Anyone else think this is a good idea?
    2008-08-07 08:24 PM
  2. halochamp's Avatar
    that would be cool
    2008-08-23 07:23 AM