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    hey guys im wondering about spoof aplication going to appstore?hey guys i have atnt and i pay $69.99 on my 3g iphone and i want to ask these question because im worried about the cost of using spoof application and the minutes?can you use your atnt minutes or do you have to pay for another minutes or is free to use when your using atnt plan?is it like that or not
    you have to pay minutes using spoof?and it will appear on your atnt bills?
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    2008-08-08 01:48 AM
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    You have to place a call through spoof servers which doesn't reflect on your normal at&t minuets. Spoof app isnt free and you have to pay for minuets
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    2008-08-08 02:38 AM
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    You get 5 free minutes when you first download it. Just act like you're going to make a call and it asks you for your phone number and your email address and then you get 5 free minutes. It's pretty neat, though the minutes are expensive!
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    2008-08-26 07:39 PM
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    Its expensive and not woth it
    2008-08-26 07:43 PM