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    I had my iphone 1.14 set up with several categories and could see them/icon on my iphone and in WINscp. I changed my category "Videos" icon, seemingly correctly, resprunt the spring board and suddenly...they're gone.

    I WINscp'd it, and I see my 5 set up categories in var>Applications , but instead of with the brown file folder next to them, they are now in a white file with a red square in the file.

    Any idea what to do to restore them back to a normal file?

    Edit: They also have a number in the "Size" file, unlike all other. These sizes are in the 40's

    Edit: Can't use my installed launcher/mobile finder b/c they were in a category or my System Settings/Installer/Cydia b/c they were in a folder so I can't WINscp now.

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