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    Hey guys, so did they ever make an app to be able to receive picture messages or to send pictures messages?? I mean like in text messaging? Not sure if I missed it, or if it has not been done yet? I think I had seen some talk about it, but, not sure when or what the outcome was? I know we can email pics, but what about text messages? Thanks!
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    2008-02-03 07:01 PM
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    There was one to send MMS, but none to recieve them. Look for SwirleyMMS
    2008-02-04 01:41 AM
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    Thanks AJ,

    Yeah, I have Swirly MMS, what a bummer that freaking Apple didn't include this huh?? Like, Come on, what phone doesn't do that?? Hhehehee Well, maybe there is some out there, but, Geeesh!! We have an IPHONE!!!! hahaha

    Thanks again!
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    2008-02-07 01:47 PM
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    Ok, just noticed this, when I am trying to send a picture through text, it says "the mmsc field must not be empty"?? On Swirly MMS I guess I have to add MMSC and Proxy settings? Does anyone know what they are? I think last time I used it, it worked?? Its been a while though. What are the settings so I can be able to send a picture text?

    And also since I am on this, has anything new come up for being able to RECIEVE text pictures??

    I am on 1.1.2 unlocked and jailbroken.

    Ok, update! Found the setting put them in, and STILL won't work?? WTF?? Does anyone know??
    When I go into swirlymms, and I go into new mms, then click on the + for the file, and takes me to the camera roll, but the problem is here----- I can't see all the images, I can scroll up and down, but, only parts of each picture? and it only lets me select like, one or maybe two, but, it only shows half of each picture?? Weird??
    Anyone know whats up?
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    2008-02-17 09:51 PM