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    I'm new to iphone and new to jailbreaking. QuickPwn let me hop on the jb train yesterday. I love all the video recording/streaming apps (very fun)

    I thought of two helpful utils that should be included in the boss app or stand alone tweak.

    1) Disable SMS popup. Sometimes you give your phone to someone to play with for 2 minutes, and an embarrassing text message will pop up. It would be nice to be able to disable them. (maybe even a timed disable, like off for 15 minutes, then automatically back on)

    The story below almost happened to me a few times. I wish I could disable able popups when Iím demoing my iphone without having to dig so deep into settings. (or automatically based per app)
    MacBlogz - Your one stop mac news stop Ľ Blog Archive Ľ [Feature] SMS Popup Messages Lead to Ruined Birthday Party; Angry Boss and Pissed Off Girlfriend

    2) Disable the yes/no flight mode question when you plug in a car audio plug or other audio dock device. I never have gprs/edge radio interference so I dont need to click no every time I plug into my bmw idrive cable

    Do either one of these tweaks exist? I didnít see anything in Cydia. Does installer offer other apps not seen in Cydia?

    2008-08-19 10:58 PM
  2. JazJon's Avatar

    anything out there lik this now, or is it technically possible to program even?
    2008-08-22 08:18 PM
  3. picassolsus's Avatar

    anything out there lik this now, or is it technically possible to program even?
    JazJon let me help you out here.

    As for the disabling of the SMS popup, you can do this with either Intelliscreen (not free) or the newly released beta of PYSL (Protect Your Secret

    PYSL takes the SMS deal a bit further by allowing blacklists of callers whos (whoms?) SMS's you can password protect in addition to not having them pop up.

    Intelliscreen is cool but costs.

    Hope this helps. Both are on Cydia.
    iPhone 3GS 16GB 3.0fw White + Jailbroken
    2008-08-22 08:26 PM
  4. bbplayer5's Avatar
    PYSL on Cydia will block the SMS popup. No idea about the other.
    2008-08-22 08:27 PM
  5. JazJon's Avatar
    I tried PYSL but it seemed a bit buggy. I'll wait for it to get out of beta.

    Intelliscreen sounds a bit over the top too but I havnt tried it yet. I dont like to install apps that dig overly deep into my iphone system settings. It seems like I would be just asking for buggy behavior (is it safe so far?) I'll look into Intelliscreen more and search for reviews.

    What about shutting off the yes/no Flight Mode question when plugging in my bmw idrive ipod connection? Anyone going to tackle that? Hopefully it's something that get just be disabled all together via bigboss etc in the future.
    2008-08-29 09:45 AM
  6. JazJon's Avatar
    2008-09-04 09:01 AM

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