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    I have noticed a lot of requests for backup apps and ppl are told to just ssh in. but what if there was an app on the iphone that dumped the applications folder over to the var/prefs or wherever itunes will back it up from. The same way itunes back up other prefs for other apps it can back up this too. Then when restoring you run this app after itunes has finished restoring the data. It should also take your installer files that keep track of what apps are installed.

    edit: uh oh just saw the app request section, mod can you move this if it needs to be? Thanks
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    2008-02-07 04:09 AM
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    itunes wouldnt recognize it if... not posible.. god ide tho. but when sdk comes it will
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    2008-02-07 04:44 AM
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    So why does itunes recog save files from winvnc for example. does itunes only take .plist or something?
    2008-02-07 05:31 AM