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    Bump,Bump,Bump,Bump,Bump,Bump,Bump,Bump,Bump,Bump, Bump,Bump,Bump,Bump,Bump,Bump,Bump,............... ..............
    2008-12-29 03:28 PM
  2. Daiskei's Avatar
    Just a little nudge to keep this at the top... I have wanted this for the longest time and im not letting this post get buried again.
    2008-12-29 04:47 PM
  3. thatruth132's Avatar
    bumpy bump bump to the top i had to ssh my phone and go to the address book and save my contacts file everytime i update my contacts so if my phone crash i can ssh back ...for a iphone that is so much work
    2008-12-29 04:56 PM
  4. z3r01's Avatar
    well, here is a sulotion, download zyb from the appstore, it syncs your contacts to their server, then just go to the new phone and if its not in their list of phones, just get online with the new phone to the zyb site and download them that way, i did this from my iphone to a sprint touch pro and to an instinct
    and its great if you update or restore your iphone

    thanx button in advance
    2008-12-29 05:04 PM
  5. albocrew1's Avatar
    yea we really need a app like this i want to copy to my sim card
    2008-12-30 11:08 PM
  6. thebug3000's Avatar
    2009-01-05 02:05 PM
  7. inco9nito99's Avatar
    Im in need of this as well! Developers here's an idea!
    2009-01-05 06:57 PM
  8. highplains's Avatar
    I want this too.

    i Googled a bit and it looks like iSim might do it, It's in Cydia. Im going to try it when I get home.
    2009-01-06 11:22 PM
  9. mizzlefromtheroc's Avatar
    i dont think isim will work on the 2.xx software or on 3g. i need a 3g app with these features. i've been looking for sim import and export programs since last year and i cant find nothing. isim was the best that i ever used, but that was on the original iphone.
    2009-01-10 07:55 PM
  10. StealthBravo's Avatar
    It would be nice
    2009-01-11 05:39 AM
  11. Marz's Avatar
    Get out the petition!!!cuzineed this "mystery app" as well!!!

    l0l i add people to my phones contacts and if something goes wrong they arent on my sim card like i would want them to be (even tho i backed the phone up) But still i doooo as well need this appppppp =]
    2009-01-11 04:03 PM
  12. Mes's Avatar
    So so wish this was available!! Just another in a long list of missing iPhone capabilities. The love/hate relationship continues.
    2009-01-11 04:10 PM
  13. Jay21fire's Avatar
    i would love this too
    2009-01-11 09:14 PM
  14. mizzlefromtheroc's Avatar
    We want simport for 3g!!!
    2009-01-12 05:59 PM
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