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  1. hi0ns0ap's Avatar
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    2008-08-24 09:46 PM
  2. sziklassy's Avatar
    The app. would be cool but I am not sure of the utility. How would this be useful to anyone? We all have computers if we have iPhones right?
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    2008-09-05 04:02 PM
  3. djdraco's Avatar
    this is precisely what I need with my job. I'm a night club DJ and I have been working on a website that allows users to text in to a number and broadcast it on the screen. I video DJ with my laptop so thats not an option considering the out for that is already in use. I've tested the site on my 3g phone and it works perfectly now I just need to output safari to the screens.
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    2009-06-14 01:04 AM