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    EDIT: url in subject is viewmymessage not messaga (oops)

    We (AT&T customers) all receive MMS, but it's via that stupid sms with a link to AT&T Wireless We have to manually enter the code too, what a pain! Can someone try to automate this whole process via an app? Something that would filter SMS for that message,auto form fill the download page and display the photo? (or something similar)

    It sucks that AT&T 3G users wont be able to use SwirlyMMS though, so not very much to be excited about yet. I hope someone can tackled that one. I'm really annoyed how AT&T would actively block MMS traffic for iphone tagged IMEI numbers What a crock. At least we can send MMS soon via O2mms - MMS for your O2 iPhone o2mms

    I posted the question: AT&T North America Send/Receive MMS support
    He said sending service is in the works for everyone world wide! (sweet, I'd pay for it)

    Interesting, It appears that biteSMS (currently installed from Cydia) has a new feature to decode incoming MMS messages.

    It also appears that biteSMS is coming to the official appstore soon as well.

    Upcoming New Features
    -biteSMS for the AppStore (iPhone and iPod Touch)...
    -Display and allow the actioning of embedded contact numbers, email addresses,
    -Browser URLs and Map coordinates within an SMS text.
    -Render incoming MMS messages in the conversation bubbles.
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