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    Hey, I have been using the weather widget since it came out and I was wondering...is it possible to apply whatever basic principles went into making the weather widget to make a scrolling stock ticker? I'm sure it would require a lot of bandwidth to download continuous updates for every stock...but would it be doable if it were just a few stocks (for example the stocks I am watching in my stocks.app application) updating every few minutes? In essence I'm looking for a widget to replace the stocks application in the same way the weather widget replaced its corresponding application. Thanks in advance.
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    That is exactly what I am looking for too. If I find anything I will post the result here.
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    2009-02-05 12:51 AM
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    If anyone knows how to do this and hasn't replied pls msg me. I would really love something like this.

    Just found this.
    1. Download cydget from cydia
    2. manage/ add the following source "http://www.iphone.org.hk/apt/"
    3. Go back to cydia and search for "stock ticker cydget"
    4. install
    5. enjoy

    It could use a little work...but its all I could find.
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    I don't even follow the stock market but this does sound pretty cool. I bet if someone refined it they could make some $
    2010-03-06 05:01 AM