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    Okay... Im a noob at this and i been trying to read the forums hoping that i am not the 100 post.... but i didnt see any post

    i found a program that let me have a custome ring tone... but it wont let me have a custom text message tone =(

    Can any of you recomend a program so i can change my text message tone to a .mp3??

    Thanks in advance!
    2008-09-22 03:48 PM
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    It's possible. My friend and I were browsing through my iphone files and figured out how to swap sounds...Here's a tut:

    Open up WinSCP or Iphone Browser...(I use SCP). Navigate over to System>>Library>>Audio>>UISounds. There will be a bunch of sound files in here, so look for the ones called, "sms-received[#].caf"
    You're going to replace one of those files. Each one corresponds to the ring tone under the SMS division in settings.
    Just take any song you want, crop it to around the same length of the file you want to replace, and convert it to a .caf with this program.
    Protected Music Converter - convert DRM protected music (WMA, M4P, etc.)
    Once done, put the file in there under the SAME NAME as the one you replaced, go to settings and click it, and you're done. Hope this helps.
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    the above converter doesn't covert to .caf....I'm still looking for one that'll convert to .caf, but until then, you'll have to google it yourself.
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    2008-09-25 06:03 AM
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    itunes can convert to .caf
    jus open itunes, go to edit, preferences, and select the general tab, click import settings and choose aiff format.

    after you do this, drag the "tone" you want into itunes, right click it and convert it to aiff, when its done take the converted version and drag it back to ur desktop and jus change the format to .caf

    i bricked my iphone by manually changing sms tones like that. had to restore and couldn't recover it jus by putting back proper files. its like i interupted the boot system after i changed files, and rebooted the phone. im jus saying be careful. but itunes can do the conversion for you.
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